Creamy Gorgonzola Fazzoletti Pasta with Porcini – Woolworths Taste, May 2015 – Page 18

Gorgonzola Fazzoletti

Their pic on the right, mine on the left.

Finally!  A recipe that had my man licking his plate, my plate and the saucepan!

This is fresh, creamy, delicious and really quick and easy to prepare.  I changed the Kale to Baby spinach, the Walnuts to Pecan nuts (Walnuts were out of stock -Pecan nuts were still delicious) and I changed Porcini to normal brown mushrooms.  I didn’t make the Fazzoletti either, but I did use lasagna sheets and broke them into little “handkerchief” shapes.  The nuts really add an earthy taste and extra layer to the dish and makes it look pretty cool too.  Next time i will prepare my sauce first and only then get the pasta on the boil after this to make sure that it is ready just as my mushrooms are browned.  I had my pasta ready from the start which made it all stick together and I think it would be better to smother it in the sauce immediately to prevent that.  The recipe suggests adding the salt and pepper afterwards where next time I would rather add it to the sauce.  Go easy on the pepper to maintain the delicate flavours.

Can’t wait to try this with Porcini which should add a richer flavour.

Effort : Low

Time : My way = 20 mins

Appearance :  7/10 for it’s simplistic earthiness that just makes you want to dig in

Taste :  8/10 – wholesome and creamy yet fresh and perfectly balanced.

Would I make this again?  Definitely.