Mothership Sunday Roast Lamb – “Save with Jamie”


I couldn’t believe that my roast looked like a carbon copy of Jamie’s!  Just look at this picture? No filter or fancy photography required!

We had friends over for dinner last night and I had to warn them in advance that dinner would only be served around 8.30 as I only managed to get my roast into the oven around 4.30pm.

The first reason I ran a little late was that I finally tracked down a real Savoy Cabbage. (Finally!)

Secondly, I only discovered on preparing the lamb for the oven, that I needed a pestle and mortar.  My kitchen is not yet “Jamie-fied”, so I had to get creative.  I tossed the rosemary into a cup with the garlic and tried to blend it with my hand blender .  Surprisingly, my hand blender jammed to a grinding halt.  I then scraped the leaves into my proper blender and desperately tried to blend the leaves into a pesto. Again, the leaves just hid below the whirring blades, regardless how many times I tried to pile the leaves onto the blades and whir.  Running out of time, I eventually managed to achieve a half pasted, half intact rosemary concoction and decided to just go with it and get the lamb in the oven before I dallied too long and forced my guests to eat at midnight.

At the 3 hour mark, I discovered some ambiguity in Jamie’s recipe.  He mentions that the roast goes back into the oven for another hour, but I was unsure whether or not to keep the foil on, or off.  I figured since he mentioned that the foil must come off (and made no mention of it coming back on) that I was meant to cook it for the last hour uncovered.  Note – you are definitely supposed to cook it for the last hour uncovered.  I spooned some of the sauces in the pan over the lamb (as I had no interest in collecting dripping) and this made the lamb turn a gorgeous deep crispy brown, the meat was tender as could be.  We all marvelled at how gorgeous and similar to the picture it looked.

The gravy was really simple and quick to make and delicious.  I kept my onions in as they were in good shape, softened but no blackening.

The mint sauce was a little vile though.  I couldn’t find Golden Caster Sugar, so I just used normal caster sugar, but still struggled to see how freshly shredded mint leaves with only caster sugar (golden or not) mixed with white wine vinegar and hot water, could ever compete with a store bought mint sauce.  Some things are just better bought, right?

The savoy cabbage was delicious!  (I don’t love cabbage) but the bacon-cabbage combo was tasty and excellent accompaniment to the rich lamb.

My “Jamie” potatoes came out beautifully as always (golden and crispy) and I love the roasted bashed garlic in the dish.

The peas were awful and floury, I couldn’t help wonder if I either blanched them too long or if it would not have been better to have simply fried them up in a little butter quickly, maybe even with the “mint sauce” concoction?

TIP – you MUST warm your plates before you serve this.  I didn’t and was dismayed to discover that my first bite was slightly cold.  I apologised profusely but my guests raved about the dish A LOT!


Effort : Medium

Time : 4 Hours oven time, and quite a bit of prepping/cooking during that

Appearance : 9/10 for the roast lamb

Taste : I voted around an 8/10 but my guests were adamant that this should be a 9/10

Would I make this again – Definitely!  This is probably a better Sunday lunch dish, as you don’t have to worry about feeding your guests too late (on a work night).