The Goldfinch – Donna Tart


I have tasked myself, quite unfairly, with the incredibly difficult endeavour of reviewing this masterpiece.

The Goldfinch grips you, sucks you right into the story quickly and beautifully with the author’s uniquely descriptive style and her characteristically neo-romanticism-inflected prose.  Her refreshingly different writing style is not often found in today’s literature. Here, painting images with words also relies much on what is unsaid; the spaces between the imagery.  There is a constant interplay between optimism and pessimism, juxtaposing dark and light and exploring existential questions in a unique and intriguing setting.

A dark and unusual story that immerses you into the world of art, antiques and art appreciation at its finest.  It is fascinating and plays very much on innuendo and masterfully creating the readers anticipation, leading you to believe something but without delivering on that expectation too obviously or bluntly, so that when the truth is revealed, you not only marvel at the captivating plot but at the exceptionally intelligent way it is delivered.

Donna Tart wrote the book as a male protagonist in first person narrative, which I found fascinating in itself.

The book is ended with utter perfection and it is highly satisfying; it is philosophical without being presumptuous.  A brilliant novel that is extremely deserving of the 2014 Pulitzer Prize.

Donna Tart, I applaud you and look forward to reading many more!

Rating : 5/5

*** What did you think of the book?  Any similar suggestions for me?  Comments welcome!