Fragrant Spicy Beef Kebabs with Aromatic Tamarind-dressed Thai Black Rice


Woolworths Taste Magazine – September 2015

I am not normally a fan of cooking a recipe from an advert page, but you have to admit this dish sounded deliciously exotic enough to warrant a try, right?  Plus it looks really pretty.  Congratulations Blue Elephant (Thai range exclusive to Woolworths), you have just converted me to a devout follower.

Phenomenally delicious, if there is one thing you might want to try this braai day, make it this!

Soft and succulent rib eye with a gorgeously warm and creamy thai curry marinade, it paired perfectly with delicate sweet black rice with tangy tamarind dressing and toasted sesame seeds. We wolfed it down!


1 x 400ml can of Blue Elephant coconut cream

70g Blue Elephant yellow curry paste

8 x Blue Elephant Thai Lime Leaves

6 x roughly chopped Blue Elephant red chillies

800g free range mature thick cut rib eye steaks

1x packet (there are two in the box) of Blue Elephant Thai Black Rice

3/4 cup Blue Elephant Tamarind dressing

1 finely chopped red chilli

4T lightly toasted sesame seeds

I mixed the coconut cream, curry paste, lime leaves and red chillies in a large bowl.  I then cut the rib eye into large chunks and added this to the coconut mixture and allowed to marinate for 30 minutes.  I skewered the meat and let my fella grill this over hot coals for about 3 mins a side.  He did it for about 6 minutes a side where the ad recommended 3 (but he is a braai master so I trust his judgement) and it came out perfectly.  He made sure to use all the marinade by basting the skewers while on the coals.

Meanwhile, I toasted the sesame seeds on a dry pan while boiling my rice according to package instructions.

For the sauce, I mixed the tamarind dressing, finely chopped fresh red chilli and sesame seeds.  I tossed the rice with some of the dressing and kept the rest on the side for serving, but we loved the dressing so much we just mixed it all into the rice.

Serve your skewer on the black rice and garnish with either micro herbs (as in my pic) or spring onions (Taste’s pic) and a lime for squeezing over.

Effort : Fantastically low (especially when someone else is making the fire)

Time : 30 minutes

Appearance : 10/10

Taste : 10/10

Would I make this again?  Can’t wait to!