Fresh Pea-And-Feta Frittata


Woolworths Taste Magazine – October 2015

I absolutely loved this frittata! Fresh, delicate flavours; this is great for a lunch or a mid-week dinner and really easy and quick to make.  Perfect for low carb enthusiasts  and ovo-vegetarians.

I loved that Phillipa Cheifitz didn’t add any salt to this recipe, you truly don’t need it, as the feta adds just enough.


300g mix of sugar snap, mange tout and shelled peas

120g french shallots

30g butter

10 free range eggs

2T olive oil

200g feta, thinly sliced

freshly ground pepper to taste

pea shoots or wild rocket to garnish

I preheated the oven to 200 degrees C, while I steamed the peas till tender.  I softened the shallots on a low heat in the butter in a 24cm pan with an ovenproof handle.  I was nervous about using such a small pan for all these ingredients, but it is perfect.  I set the shallots aside to cool along with the steamed peas.  I whisked the eggs in a bowl with a quarter cup of water and then added the cooled shallots and steamed peas.  In the same pan that I used to cook the shallots, I heated the olive oil and then poured the egg mixture and cooked for 5 minutes to lightly brown the base.  I topped with the sliced feta and popped the pan into the oven and baked for 25 minutes, which is how long it took mine to set and be slightly puffed.

I seasoned with pepper (no salt) and garnished with wild rocket; the strong peppery flavour compliments this frittata beautifully!

Effort: Low

Time : 40 mins

Appearance: 8/10 fresh and gorgeous!

Taste : 9/10 fresh, healthy, light and just gorgeous.

Would I make this again?  Definitely!

Serves : 4