The Girl On The Train – Paula Hawkins


I succumbed to the hype.  Goodreads pushed this book, kindle pushed this book, Flipboard pushed this book, a bunch of Facebook statuses raved about the book.  I had to.

Every bit as gripping as the reviews purport it to be, prepare to lock yourself away and read this to the very end.  I found it interesting that the estimated time of reading the book was five hours.  I didn’t have five solid hours but read this very quickly in the two days where I could grab some time.

I was immediately interested by the fact that the author chose the brave format of writing in first person present tense; a tricky format in novels, known for the risk of losing the readers interest.  Well, Paula did well to keep mine.

A great thriller; you delve into the personalities of (mainly) three women, written from each woman’s perspective.  A rather dark and shocking perspective at times, I read with morbid fascination pushed along by the masterfully crafted suspense and conflicting theories.  A greatly satisfying whodunnit, you are kept on the edge of your seat to the end.

This is not my preferred genre but I have to concede that this book is flipping brilliant.

Rating : 5/5

Want to lose yourself in a story for a day? Read it.