Botanicula – by Amanita Design


When I finished playing Machinarium, I wanted more.  I headed over to Amanita Design to see if there was a sequel, but nothing yet.  Instead, I found Botanicula, another point and click adventure game.  It looked a bit like a kids game though so I avoided it at first, but kept coming back to the page until I succumbed and bought it.  It was reasonably priced.

I am glad I did.  This was another very sweet, very light and funny game in the wacky trademark Amanita style. No dialogue, no complicated keyboard shortcuts, just another lovely point and click puzzle game.  In this game you can die, but you pop right back up to life again (as a little redo).

It is cute, it is silly, but if you are looking for some light distraction, I recommend it.