Lamb Rendang – Woolworths Taste – July 2015


Recipe from : Woolworths Taste – July 2015

Last month I made a “Save With Jamie” Beef Brisket Rendang, and it was (sadly) terrible.  I really couldn’t eat it.  Rendang is supposed to be a really flavoursome, rich and delicious curry.  This month, I spotted Lamb Rendang in the Taste magazine and noticed a much richer spice combination in the ingredients list.  Seeing that Tamarind features in this dish, I decided I had to give this one last attempt.

This was phenomenal; rich, flavoursome, complex, all the good things you read that a Rendang should be.  Jamie Oliver eat your heart out!  I know he is campaigning against sugar right now, but even if you entirely leave it out, this would still be phenomenal.

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Double Chocolate Cookies – Jamie Oliver – Ministry of Food


Fabulously easy and delicious, this recipe is from Jamie Oliver‘s Ministry of Food:

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Sweet Potato and Chorizo Soup – Jamie’s Ministry of Food – Page 131

Chorizo & Sweet Potato Soup

Jamie’s picture on the left, mine on the right.

I am not really the worlds biggest soup fan.  I consider it a mere starter or lunch at best, but it has been raining non-stop for the last two days and I needed to use up the chorizo I had left over from Paella.  I came across this recipe in my older book (Jamie’s Ministry of Food) and gave it a try last night.  I cannot believe I waited this long to try it, neither the title  nor the picture does this soup justice.

Incredibly delicious, this has become my favourite soup of all time!  I want to make a large batch and freeze it, to get us through the winter.  This soup warms you from the inside out.  The rich smokey flavours of the chorizo is perfectly offset against the sweetness of the sweet potato and the warm fusion of the slight curry flavour just does something wonderful to your brain! Even the bits of chilli on top add a whole new flavour dimension.

A totally satisfying and soul warming soup – do try it this winter!

Effort : Low

Time : About an hour in total

Appearance : 5/10 – Looks bloody terrible – BUT…

Taste : 10/10!  I LOVE this soup!

Would I make this again?  Just try and stop me!