Machinarium – by Amanita Design


THIS is the beautiful little puzzle game that turned me into a “gamer”.

My man is a gamer, through and through.  He loves it.  I had absolutely no interest in gaming but was quite content to let him play in the evenings while I settled down with my fat book and my feet up.

Have you ever tried reading next to someone involved in a battle with a dragon in full HD and surround sound?  At first it is cute, but soon you find yourself rereading each phrase, finding it harder and harder to concentrate until you simply end up watching your boyfriend fight dragons, in full HD and surround sound, despite yourself.

When he suggested that I give Machinarium a try I obviously objected. I had no desire to shoot stuff, fight dragons, have long dialogues with characters and/or to die repeatedly.  He smiled and said that he knew I would love this game for those very reasons.  He was not wrong.

I do love me a puzzle!

This is one of the most beautiful games ever and I get sentimental every time I think about it.  A gorgeous and sweet storyline, beautiful artwork and style, it is a very easy to navigate point-and-click adventure game that I just absolutely fell in love with.  I implore you to play this game!  I keep checking back with the guys at Amanita to see if they have made the sequel, but they have not yet, sadly.  This is a work of art.  You don’t die in this game and the puzzles range from easy to tricky.

Try it out, it is just gorgeous.

Check it out at :